DTC Eligibility

Signature Stock Transfer can assist your company with DTC Eligibility requirements. When you become DTC eligible, it will be easy to make deposits into the largest securities depository in the world – the Depository Trust Company.

By being part of the DTC system, brokers can process transactions with more convenience. As issuers, you’ll also enjoy increased liquidity, better market visibility, and savings on clearing and broker fees.

At Signature Stock Transfer, we offer comprehensive assistance in applying for both DTC eligibility and DTC FAST eligibility. Our services reduce the costs associated with filing your application, plus it ensures a safe and secure method of exchanging securities.

Why Do You Need a DTC Authorized Transfer Agent?

Since companies cannot apply directly for DTC Eligibility, you will need a DTC authorized transfer agent to do the work on your behalf. Signature Stock Transfer can help simplify the complicated process of becoming DTC eligible.

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Highly Knowledgeable Experts

At Signature Stock, we ensure that our staff is all highly versed when it comes to SEC rulings and state regulations. If there are processes that we believe can streamline processes, we implement them right away. As always, we care about our clients and shareholders.

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Keen Eye for Detail and Reliable

We are proud of the quality of service we provide our clients. Our services are always on point and accurate. If there are transactions you want us to fulfill, you can ensure that these will be error-free. Our firm believes that being diligent is key to avoiding problems in the future.

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Our company values transparency, and we understand that you will hire our services based on the quality of our work and honesty. We will take care of that trust. If we find inconsistencies with the process or files you hand us, rest assured that we will notify you. With our expertise, we will recommend the best possible solutions so it can be resolved right away.

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Quick Turnaround

As a DTC authorized transfer agent, our processes are lightning fast. This is our leverage in the industry. We are efficient and always up-to-date with the regulations in place. At Signature Stock Transfer, we are confident with our transactions.

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Over-the-Top Customer Service

Signature Stock Transfer is a sought-after transfer agent in the area not only for our extensive knowledge in the industry. We also have incredible customer service and we genuinely listen to what our clients need. We treat everyone fairly, and you will receive VIP treatment — nothing less.

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Reasonable Packages

With Signature Stock Transfer, you can enjoy premium services that are priced reasonably. We are the most ideal company that can help companies and shareholders. If you are interested in getting our services, reach out to us so we can schedule a meeting with your team.

Let’s get your securities registered promptly. Let Signature Stock Transfer help you submit your application for DTC Eligibility.